What do you think of when you think of hot food? A hot Indian curry of course. We all know that one person who wants to get the hottest thing on the menu, of course. Indian cuisine isn’t just known for testing the limits of the braver ones among us, but as the pinnacle of great testing spicy food.

There’s no shortage of hot Indian dishes. Vindaloo being one of the most famous (thanks to that one hit wonder back in 1998!), with Phaal another well-known ‘burn the roof of your mouth’ curry! Getting these dishes right can be difficult - it’s not as simple as chucking in as many chillies and spice as you’ve got - it’s about giving the great taste a heated accompaniment.

Take a look through my recipes below to see which one takes your fancy. If you like it hot, there will definitely be something to your taste here. I just hope that whoever you’re cooking for can handle it!

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Hari Ghotra