Indian Recipes for Kids

Are you looking for some easy recipes for kids? Whether you’re cooking for children or encouraging your children to cook with you, I have the perfect collection of kids’ meal ideas, perfect for cooking together as a family.

My children love to cook with me. Even though it can sometimes be quite a messy affair (especially when they were younger!), it’s a fun activity for us to do together, it teaches them about healthy eating and it encourages them to be adventurous in trying new food… for me, that’s three wins!

Click through my Indian recipes for kids and discover some really tasty treats your whole family will love. If your children can handle the hotter stuff you can always add more spice, and if not, feel free to prepare one batch for them and a separate, spicier batch for the adults -just be careful not to mix them up! 

When we cook together as a family, the best recipes are always the dishes we can eat with our hands. There’s something really special about using your hands to create something together and then using your hands to devour it too! Of course, these types of recipes are also great for lunch boxes, so go ahead and make a big batch while you're at it!

So try some of these easy Indian recipes for kids for happy tummies and smiling faces all round.

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Hari Ghotra