Vegetarian Indian Recipes

Being vegetarian doesn't mean you can't eat amazing curry, in fact, quite the opposite! There are tonnes of Indian vegetarian recipes to choose from, every bit as tasty as their meaty counterparts.

As well as the ethical argument for not eating meat, there’s a growing focus on vegetarianism as a sustainable diet. Rearing animals for food uses far more energy and resources than growing vegetables because you have to grow vegetables to feed animals in the first place!

For example, beef requires 160 times more land compared to vegetable standards such as potatoes, wheat, and rice. Farming cows also produce 11 times more greenhouse gas - that’s a lot!

Almost a third of Indians are vegetarian which means that amazing vegetarian Indian recipes are both plentiful and super tasty. Vegetarian Indian recipes are made with a huge variety of vegetables and pulses as their main ingredient, from curried okra and aubergine to lentils and chickpeas. And of course, paneer, an Indian cottage cheese, is another excellent vegetarian ingredient common in Indian cuisine. 

Check out my vegetarian Indian dishes below or have a look at my vegan recipes.

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