Healthy Kids' Snacks

My kids love to snack. Whether it’s after school, during school or at the weekend, in my family you can be sure that some healthy kids’ snacks will pop up at some point! Children’s brains are working overtime to take in new sights, smells and experiences all around them. We need to keep our little ones well-fuelled, but as parents we know it’s important to prepare healthy snacks for kids.

Have a browse through my pages and inspire yourself to get creative in the kitchen. To save on time, you could whip up some of these tasty treats in batches and then dish them out over the week.

It’s great to cook Indian snacks for kids who like a bit of flavour and zing. A tasty little Samosa goes a long way. I know once I’ve made a batch, I struggle to stop my children eating them all in one go! So get stuck in and give kids healthy snacks a try.

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Hari Ghotra